A little bit about me…

Snapshot - sepiaI am a British born American. I grew up in Basildon, before moving to South Florida in December 1996.  I came back to Essex, in May 2007 and have remained here since.

In September 2009, my daughter Angel was born. She is an angel among us…so incredibly precious.  Truly heaven-sent.

I hope to eventually return to the U.S, but my daughter’s best interest will always be my priority.

I recently took the Jung Personality Test… these are my results:

ESTP – “Promotor”. Action! When present, things begin to happen. Fiercely competitive. Entrepreneur. Often uses shock effect to get attention. Negotiator par excellence. 4.3% of total population.

Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

Headshot October 28 2010

Headshot from Webcam

Me & My Daughter

We are so incredibly close...

Angel Black & White

Angel in deep thought