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Government Audit Raises Suspicions of Wrongful Adoptions


The recently publicised cases of Slovak families losing their children to the United Kingdom social services has led the government Human rights committee to audit the Centre for International Legal Protection of Children (CILPC) and hopefully unravel the full scale of the problem, with some curious findings.

Protest in front of British Embassy over “child-snatching” in UK (c)

Figures cited by SME daily talk about over 300 Slovak children who have been put up for adoption abroad in the past ten years, but not just in the UK. These cases of cross-border adoptions had to be given the green light by CILPC. The government human rights committee has therefore been auditing the work of CILPC, which has had to face criticism over its inactivity or slow reaction in the UK cases, as it could have requested the return of the children to Slovakia.

In all, it seems that about 100 children were sent to their new fates without the cases firstly being examined by a committee, while there were 357 cases of cross-border adoption (106 being questioned). Older cases from before 2002 remain a mystery as  the records have been lost or deliberately destroyed.

Regarding the UK cases, SME cites some 50 cases of Slovak children being taken by Social Services, where CILPC did not request that they be sent back to Slovakia. The centre is the only body that can approve cross-border adoptions and enter processes where Slovak children are involved, but now it appears that officers at the centre were using a loophole to finalise cases without a commission examining them.

Another point is that Slovak children should only be put up for adoption abroad if there are no suitable families found in Slovakia, a principle that Lucia Nicholsonova from the SaS party claims has not been respected. It seems the large majority of the children were shipped off to Italy, with no or little follow-up by the CILPC as to where the children actually ended up. Nicholsonova is therefore planning to lodge criminal charges on suspicion of trading in children.

The new head of the CILPC, Andrea Cisarova (since this summer), is also keenly awaiting the full results of the audit, which will hopefully explain what happened to the records from before 2002 and why have so many Slovak children end up in Italy. Given all the recent revelations and accusations, many feel something dubious is taking place, while others have faith in the system and reject outright that such atrocities could ever take place here in our civilised Europe. The child’s best interests are maybe not always the primary motivating factor, however, and so families continue to be split apart, with or without legitimacy.

Comments on: Government Audit Raises Suspicions of Wrongful Adoptions

Daily Slovak news in English

By: Wustpisk:  07 October 2012 01:26

Dana – you are talking about Slovakia now, right? It appears that all along the authorities in the United Kingdom have been acting correctly and the Slovak authorities have not. I have said all along that TV Joj et al should be careful, or they will end up with egg on their face.
You also seem to misunderstand the concept of adoption.
Anyway – this whole ‘debate’ is just getting very silly. I’m off to have a life.

By: Dana:  06 October 2012 20:12

In reply to your question of how many go missing.  See links:…pdf

Just the tip of the iceberg as so many others just disappear!
Forced adoption is so wrong because it cuts ALL ties with ALL the birth family and they very often oppose adoption by the state.

By: Slovak Government Audit Raises Suspicions of Wrongful Adoptions « Victims Unite!

06 October 2012 19:40[…] article in Slovak News in English raises suspicions about wrongful adoptions internationally! I just find it strange that the […]

By: Sabine K McNeill:  06 October 2012 19:19

PS. In the UK, there is a strange discrepancy between the very high number of children put into foster care and the comparatively low number of children who are being adopted.

And who knows how many children run away and go missing?

By: Sabine K McNeill:  06 October 2012 19:15

It is MOST fortunate that one ‘case’ and one government have begun to shine light into what seems to be going on in each country, according to its respective cultural habits, needs and urges for exertion of power over children.

For more information regarding evidence in the UK, please look at :, a revamp of, and

By: Dave C.:  06 October 2012 18:03

Wasting your time George – LOGHEAD was obviously dropped on his head when a child or there was DDT in the family well.
I can understand his belief that some Slowvak nobody walked into the court of Lord Justice Whoever and in their best Borat English told him what was going to happen, it happens every day here in Slowvakia, so it must be true in the UK.
The good news is he obviously has the lost paperwork because he knows, unlike the CIPC, how many kids were adopted and he doesn’t think there will be any problems because it only involved 28 kids last year. So everything is fine, no need to check back to 2002 Mrs. Cisarova, despite the fact the records are missing and no one gave authority for the kids to sent abroad – no problem – LOGHEAD says so! IDIOT!

By: Dave C: .06 October 2012 17:44

George – A bit of classic Python – excellent! Wonder what the boys could have made of this cowboy outfit?

Mucker –  Old Mucker – colloquial term from my neck of the woods – friend, mate, mush, compadre, colleague etc. Also used in Devon and Cornwall I believe.

By: Dave C.06 October 2012 17:37

Ah Loghead – I had hoped you had been caught in one of Chinas recent disasters, unfortunately not. Nice to see you still contributing to the debate with your usual rubbish punctuated with the ever childish insults.
You got mugged in Oz? – well if you shot your mouth off in Australia like you do on this site its a wonder you didn’t get a good kicking every day.
Mugging never happens in the Sk – you obviously can’t get JOJ or TA3 in PRC – Old and disabled people seem to the most popular target along with kids and young women – and we all know why that is, don’t we?
Slovaks try to model themselves on Germany – well there is nothing like setting your sights high but exactly how you hope to emulate the Germans is beyond me. They are creative, inventive, hard working, honest, law abiding, financially astute and very well educated – you  don’t tick any of those boxes. I suggest you try to model yourselves on a country with similar global ratings like Burundi, or Chad then you won’t feel so distraught when you inevitably fail because both of those countries index ratings are increasing ever year while Slowvakia continues to slide down every league table going.
As for leaving Slowvakia, I don’t need your permission or blessing to live here and never will, child, and other than the few looney house inmates like your goodself, I quite like the people and the country.
The only really stupid person I have come across during my time here is you, with your fantasy policeman game and posting of irrelevent crap on this site. Now do everone a favour- find a mine field and go play hopscotch

.By: Dana06 October 2012 15:53

Forced adoption should not be tolerated by any country!
Children should be with birth family where possible, in their own country, and checks should be made once they are “disposed” of. At least checks can be made if fostered, if any are actully done!
Corruption is in family law as it is everywhere but the chances of anyone putting their hand up to it and stopping the child traffiking going under the adoption banner would be like a priest being a paedophile.  Sorry, thats been done too!
How many top officials are involved?  Trouble is, we may never find out.  Stop Forced Adoption!

By: George M:   06 October 2012 13:26

Dope Loghead, King cannot interviene . But anyone in a civil case can ask a UK court, to set aside the court decision, on the basis of fairness, no new evidence is needed. The UK is not Slowvakia …where fairness and justice is a joke .

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