Walk a mile in my shoes…

One Year On…By Michelle Anthony

by Michelle Laura Anthony on Sunday, 7 November 2010

One year ago today my life changed forever. On this fateful day, in 2009, I had a terrifying accident that would consequently affect all those around me, including my then 8 week old precious Angel.

While amidst a heated  “conversation” with my mum about my daughter’s future, and where I could provide the best upbringing for Angel, I thoughtlessly perched myself on her bedroom window sill. Not paying attention, I leaned back to rest against the window, only to find that it was not closed properly. Out of sheer desperation, to prevent myself from hurtling to the ground, I grabbed hold of the curtains – yanking them off their rails.

As the laws of gravity went into motion, I fell backwards then PLUMMETED APPROXIMATELY 20′ ONTO THE PATIO BENEATH…

When I finally awoke, I was naturally confused and disoriented. I could remember being at my parent’s house, then shivering momentarily as I entered the dark abyss of an unconscious mind.  As my cognitive awareness began to re-engage I immediately became distraught, and fretful for the whereabouts and safety of my precious daughter, Angel.  It was then that I went to brush the hair away from my face, only to find that i was PARALYZED FROM THE NECK DOWN. My whole world collapsed in an instant, like a supernova imploding to form a black hole. My screams must have resonated through the hospital.

I then became overwhelmed by confusion and consumed with fear as I realized that I now lay hospital, unaware of how long I had already been admitted for. My thoughts and delirium were further enhanced by the morphine which I could see being administered intravenously.

A few days later I developed the sensation of pins and needles in the tips of my fingers and, a couple of days after that, I  also experienced tiny, sporadic muscle spasms in the same area.  Once my assessments were analyzed the doctor came to discuss the results with me. Thinking the worst was over, I was absolutely devastated to hear that I had a HAIRLINE FRACTURE IN MY SKULL & I had also BROKEN FOUR (4) <out of five (5)> LUMBAR VERTEBRAE

He then went on to advise me that I would most probably NEVER WALK AGAIN.

At that moment time stood still, just waiting to exhale or merely wake up” from this nightmare.


A year on, I can happily say that I am walking again. After enduring intense physiotherapy and orthopaedic treatment  and, through pure determination with an occurrence of divine intervention, my legs are working once again……

December 18 2009 Angel & Myself...
Frozen in time…Taken the day I was released from Hospital. Still unable to walk,
I was so thankful to be able to hold Angel again. I had not seen her since the accident almost four (4) weeks prior
Unbeknown to me, the physical challenge I had to conquer was only the beginning as I was about to embark in the toughest fight  of my life…FOR MY DAUGHTER’S LIFE


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