Judgements (England & Wales)

The list below is of key judgements handed down from the Supreme Court, High Court(s), Royal Court of Justice (RCJ) – Court of Appeal (Civil); Queens Bench Division (Family Division), and the European Court of Human Rights.

These are very important when citing cases in support of applications.  Please remember to use the “neutral citation” to reference a specific case.

For Litigant‘s In Person (self-represented Applicants): Please ensure that the cases, and/or Judgements cited in support of your application(s) are referenced directly from the website, British and Irish Legal Information Institute – commonly known as BAILII

You can access this page directly by clicking the hyper-link below:


The Volume (file) of Case references is known as: CITATION OF AUTHORITIES. This will accompany an application to the court, and should be filed with your final volume~(s) that include:

  1. Grounds for Appeal
  2. Skeleton Argument
  3. Supporting Evidence
  4. Other (Misc Documents in Support of your Application)

Another useful site is FAMILY LAW WEEK.  Although it also provides an extensive archive of judgements, it is very important that cases are cited from BAILII.

By clicking the hyper-link below, you will be re-directed to Family Law Week’s home page.


Please note – this page, and it’s content is subject to change and/or amendment  as new judgements are handed down by the relevant courts

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