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120,000 troubled families could be legally banned from spending benefits on alcohol and tobacco

By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent
Last Updated:

9:01AM BST 13/10/2012

Troubled families living on benefits will be legally barred from spending welfare money on alcohol and tobacco, under plans being drawn up in Whitehall.

Iain Duncan Smith has asked his officials to see if so-called “problemfamilies should receive their welfare payments on smart cards, rather than in cash.

The cards would only be able to pay for “priority” items such as food, housing, clothing, education and health care.

The Work and Pensions secretary wants to stop parents who are alcoholics or who are on drugs from using welfare payments to fuel their addictions.

The team of civil servants in his department have been asked to come up with proposals by the end of this month.

However the Government cannot currently stipulate how people spend their benefits money and the law would need to be changed to do so for certain groups.

One idea is for the 120,000 problem families who were identified in the Government’s riots review to be given the Oyster-style cards.

A source close to Mr Duncan Smith said: “There are people who are using benefits to fund a habit and children are going hungry.

“It is something that he is serious about – if he can make it work and he can legislate then he is very keen to do it.”

The charge card model is based on a “basics card” scheme which started to be rolled out for thousands of people in Australia in August this year.

Instead of being given cash or cheques, claimants are now issued with electronic “credit” cards to purchase key “priority” items at approved stores across the country.

Money is electronically placed on the card once a fortnight, when people receive their benefit payments. No more than A$1,500 (£961) can be spent per day. If money is not spent, it can be built up as savings.

Mr Duncan Smith said he was against using a US-style food stamps system because they are often traded as a form of currency.

The Cabinet minister disclosed his plans at a meeting of Conservative activists at the party conference this week.

He said: “I am looking at the moment at ways in which we could ensure that money we give them to support their lives is not used to support a certain lifestyle.

“I am certainly looking at it – I am going through that in some detail… With the use of cards, we are looking at that to see if we can do something.

In the immediate aftermath of the 2011 riots in English cities, Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to turn around the lives of the 120,000 by 2015.

He said: “I have an ambition, before the end of this Parliament, we will turn around the lives of 120,000 most troubled families.

“We need more urgent action, too, on the families that some people call ‘problem’, others call ‘troubled’, the ones that everyone in their neighbourhood knows and often avoids.”

Doctor struck off for abusing boys

Wednesday September 26, 2012, [as reported] by TARIQ TAHIR

A FORMER doctor at Great Ormond Street children’s hospital has been struck off the medical register after being found guilty of molesting boys.

Prof Philipp Bonhoeffer was judged by a tribunal panel to have acted inappropriately towards children in Kenya and France.

He was dismissed by the London hospital in 2010.

A Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service panel yesterday ruled his fitness to practise was impaired by reason of misconduct and decided to strike his name from the register.

Bonhoeffer’s actions were ‘calculated, deplorable and an abuse of his special position of trust,’ the panel ruled.

The cardiologist sexually touched a boy in France in 1997 and abused youngsters for more than 15 years while carrying out medical work for a charity in Kenya, the panel heard. Bonhoeffer was employed by Great Ormond Street in 2001 as a consultant cardiologist. In 2002, he became head of cardiology until his dismissal.

Panel chairman David Kyle said: ‘Prof Bonhoeffer has been found to have persistently exploited vulnerable young boys over an extended period of time with sexual motivation.

‘The panel has concluded his conduct is not merely unacceptable — it is fundamentally incompatible with continued medical registration.’

The panel’s decision was welcomed by the General Medical Council.

The doctor did not attend the panel hearing in Manchester or submit any evidence, but a statement from his lawyers said he denied the allegations made against him.

It went on: ‘He has no intention of resuming the practice of medicine in the United Kingdom.’

Memory and thought, How you baby thinks and remembers – toddler/1-year-old | Bounty


Memory and thought, How you baby thinks and remembers – toddler/1-year-old | Bounty.

Memory and thought

Memory and thought

Your toddler is remembering more and figuring out how things work.

At around a year, most toddlers:

  • Are able to wave bye-bye.
  • Search for a lost toy because they can remember it.

Find out more about your toddler at 1

Around 18 months, most toddlers:

  • Are able to point to their eyes, mouth and nose as you name them.
  • Go back to a game if interrupted.

Find out more about your toddler at 18 months

At around two, most toddlers:

  • Are able to ‘post’ simple shapes through holes.
  • Remember daily routines; sit on the bottom step when it’s time to put shoes on, fetch a book for story time.

Find out more about your toddler at 2

By three, most toddlers:

  • Are able to do large-piece jigsaw puzzles.
  • Act out versions of the real world; pour a cup of pretend ‘tea,’ take toys for a ride.

Find out more about you child at 3

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I’m a survivor too! | Angelawileman’s Blog

Please read the below referenced blog. A true account from a survivor of the Social Service system!

I’m a survivor too! | Angelawileman’s Blog.


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4 Responses to I’m a survivor too!

  1. Portia

    Great Blog.

    Matri Genocide has been going on for 5,000 yrs as the patriarchal system set about destroying all things natural…Mother Nature…in order to control her.

    A few hundred years ago, you would be labelled a witch for being so strong and daring to speak your truth, now the psycho babblers label females “future emotional abusers”as if they have crystal balls.

    The system ensnares the victim of domestic abuse by propaganda- urging her to come forward to free herself and the children. That is not what the old system wants though, so when the victim comes forward- beaten down, tired, then the agents of the patriarchal state swoop down like vultures to steal the young and kill off the mother.

    These agents are paid predators, who have been brainwashed into believing that they must steal as many babies as possible and destroy as many mothers as possible.

    If the child is not adoptable- too old for the needy adopters, then it is given to the abuser, to add more pain to the mothers heart and soul.

    They know what they do.!!!!!!!!!

    However, Mother Nature always takes back what she gave for free, so shortly the whole truth will emerge, thanks to strong mothers like you and Linda Mac, etc

  2. Hey Angela, it’s about time you blogged your experiences with the UK SS. You have escaped and defeated them and you are someone we can all look up to for defeating the evil UK Social Services,
    Mark n Kerry :)

  3. Andrew

    I’m happy for you, good job ‘breaking the law’, esp when the law is not legitimately in the best interests of anyone, besides those that wish to steal children.

  4. Go for it Angela.

    Social Services are a disgusting bunch of misfits.

    If your are properly outside their clutches and the clutches of the UK courts re contempt of court, then tell it all and post on as many big readership blogs as possible to publicise the story as much as possible.

    This evil system needs destroying.

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Arizona Gunman Worked for CPS …

Arizona Shooter Worked for Child Protection Services

via Examiner: Albany CPS & Family Court reports

According to several websites that managed to save personal information from Arizona shooter Jared Loughner’s internet presence, Loughner claimed to have worked for Child Protective Services.
Below is the information that was allegedly scrubbed from his facebook page within minutes of the shooting.
Jared Loughner
Has worked at Child Protective Services
Studied at Pima Community College
Lives in Tucson, Arizona
Education and Work
Employers •
Child Protective Services
College •
Pima Community College
High School •
Mountain View High School
Class of 2006
Basic Informatio­n

About Jared
Love hunting trolls and children, I want to be a woman one day… Most people just don’t seem to understand me, but I’m gonna prove to
you all how wrong you are…
My favorite interest was reading, and I studied grammar. Conscience
dreams were a great study in college!
Fools who don’t understand the law are bound to suffer under it!
Sex Male
Interested In Men
Jared only shares some profile informatio­n with everyone. If you
know Jared, add him as a friend or send him a message.
Facebook © 2011 • English (US)
Whether Loughner actually worked for Child Protective Services or the mention of CPS is simply part of his mental illness has not been confirmed at this point.
null Click here to find out more!


Continue reading on Arizona shooter allegedly worked for Child Protective Services – Albany CPS and Family Court |


My news post: Lesbian couples make better parents | Lesbilicious – the web’s tastiest lesbian magazine – Kaite Welsh

My news post: Lesbian couples make better parents | Lesbilicious – the web’s tastiest lesbian magazine – Kaite Welsh.

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