UK Insurance Companies Covering Up Child Abuse Since 1996?

Source: UK Insurance Companies Covering Up Child Abuse Since 1996?

I would put this as a must-read (adoption case, dynamite)


The case is very fact-specific (the facts are extraordinary) but it is still very important.

I’ve written before about the leave to oppose adoption case law and whether this is a meaningful legal right given that there are no reported cases of an adoption being successfully opposed (there’s one law report of a Court being persuaded to make a Residence Order rather than adoption, but the child remaining with the prospective adopters).

For it to be a meaningful legal right, there must be some set of circumstances which would result in the opposition to adoption resulting in placement back in the birth family. But, the consequences of that for the recruitment and retention of adopters is massive.

As Holman J observed, this case is likely to attract strong opinions on both sides, and it does turn very much on an unprecedented set of facts.

Re A and B and Rotherham…

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CHILD ABUSE SCANDAL raises disturbing questions about UK establishment or how #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain

This is an excellent article on Russia Today by fabulous investigative journalist Tony Gosling. It joins a number of important dots that are ‘difficult to digest’ and ‘hard to process’:  on average, one child is taken every 20 minutes, as Channel … Continue reading →

Lies, damn lies and statistics

‘Eleven million people in Britain – with an estimated combined spending power of £80billion – have a disability’ claimed Mark Harper this week, as the government called on the UK tourism industry to improve its accessibility to disabled customers ‘“So, as part of our long-term economic plan, improving the accessibility of hotels and self-catering apartments…

Family Justice Reform : Committee of Commonsense!

TED Ideas in Business aims to shake up the same old thinking on professional development

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TED Ideas in Business are playlists that bring together talks of interest to professional audiences. Here, the art for "Hidden Trends and Systems" and "Skillful Presentation." TED Ideas in Business are playlists that bring together talks of interest to professional audiences. Here, the art for “Hidden Trends and Systems” and “Skillful Presentation.”

For many, the words “professional development” conjure up memories of sitting in a human resources office, watching a series of awkward training videos and then taking a mandatory quiz. The TED Distribution Team realized: it doesn’t need to be this way. Earlier this year, they started to think about how companies could use TED Talks to get people thinking about their professional lives.

The team is now rolling out TED Ideas in Business, a collection of 25+ playlists curated around big topics in the professional world, like effective leadership, career development, the future of work, and good decision-making. The playlists range from “The Psychology of Success” to “Democratizing Innovation” to “Invasion of the Cyber-Workers.” Each list contains talks that can help crystallize goals, start…

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