Car Insurance Industry Discriminates Against Young Drivers….. For Profit

Researching Reform

We were more than a little disturbed to hear on the radio this morning that the British Association of Insurers (ABI) wants the government to enforce a night-time driving ban on young people, because they say many accidents occur at this time…… and are costing the insurance companies millions.

This was the official line of the spokesman for the ABI on the radio this morning. His sentiments were simple: accidents at night are mainly caused by young drivers, who often end up severely injured with lasting head injuries as an example, and as a result cost the insurance companies millions. After we recovered from this nauseating statement, we went on-line to read more and the usual spin being spun was there for all to see.

Essentially, the car insurance industry’s line, which they’re peddling ferociously (pun  intended), is that more accidents lead to higher car insurance costs which makes it…

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