Court Shocked as 3 LJ’s PERVERT JUSTICE!


Social services are child abusers

After the injustice I recently experienced, I wanted to witness another case for myself, to see if others received the same treatment. I was shocked.

Every time I have sat in the court waiting room I hear the same story from other parents; Social Services reports are factually incorrect and yes you guessed it, favoured Social Services not the parents.

This case was a little different.

A parent had a string of bad luck.  She was involved, as a passenger, in a road traffic collision while pregnant. During her pregnancy she was hospitalized for most of the last 6 months. Two independent social workers cleared the need for further involvement by the Local Authority as [both] pre-birth assessments concluded there were no concerns with the Mother’s ability to parent her child (one due to prior domestic violence and the other due to false allegations (unbeknown to her) being fed to…

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