Bringing Home Baby...



The slow pace of family justice

 UNITED KINGDOM –  Guidance on interviewing victims and witnesses, and guidance on using special measures

Achieving Best Evidence was originally drafted and published in January 2002  witnesses, including children, reaches the highest possiblestandards. 

Foreword 1

1. Introduction 3

Status 3

Scope 3

Vulnerable and Intimidated Witnesses (eligible for Special Measures) 4

Vulnerable Witnesses 4

Intimidated Witnesses 5

Special Measures 6

Significant Witnesses (not eligible for Special Measures) 8

Training 9

2. Planning and preparation 10

The Importance of Planning 10

Initial Contact with Victims and Witnesses 10

CompetenceCompellability and Availability forCross-Examination: the Legal Position 11

Planning Information 13

Overview 13

Child Witnesses 14

Definition 14

Preliminaries 14

The Context of the Allegation: the Intersection of the Child Protection and Criminal Justice Systems 14

Consent 17

Informing the Child’s Carers 19

Medical Examinations 20

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