Gilbert says to Minister, “I’m OFF-sted”

Minister accepts resignation of Ofsted chief inspector


By Ruth Smith, head of content Community Care’s Children’s Services Blog, on April 7, 2011 10:51 AM


Christine Gilbert OFSTED Chief

Gilbert says "I'm OFF-sted!"



Education secretary Michael Gove has formally accepted the resignation of Christine Gilbert, Ofsted’s chief inspector, who will leave her post on 30 June.

Gilbert, who has been Ofsted‘s chief inspector since 2006, announced in June last year that she would be resigning from the post when her five-year contract expires at the end of October. She was rumoured to have come under pressure from ministers who were keen to replace her.

She was reportedly interviewing for the job of group chief executive of the United Learning Trust (ULT) but Ofsted has never confirmed this.

Gove today thanked Gilbert for her years of dedicated service, and in a letter to Gilbert in March wrote: “During your term of office you have overseen an expansion of Ofsted‘s remit to cover the inspection and regulation of childcare, children’s social care, education and adult learning. That has been a large and complex task and it is to your credit and a great reflection on your significant personal skills and experience that you accomplished all of it so smoothly.

“I have appreciated particularly the way you have led Ofsted’s response to current public spending challenges. You have undertaken this difficult task by ensuring that, while Ofsted will continue to reduce overall the amount it spends on inspection and regulation, available resources will be focused where they make the most difference to driving improvement.”

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