Paul Randle-Jolliffe Safe & Well

I would like to thank each and every one of you for coming together, united as one, in the search for Paul Randle-Jilliffe. I have been informed that he is safe & well, enjoying some family time with his son.

With that, I cannot help but reflect on how much I treasure good quality time with my precious daughter.  Children grow up so fast, and in a blink of an eye they are making a family of their own.

The first few years in a child’s life is vital to how well they will develop, patterns of behaviour they display, attachments they will form, and if they will be able to  maintain healthy friendships or relationships.  I cannot forget to emphasise the possibility of developing a borderlinepersonality disorder” due to surviving traumas from their childhood: be it through either harm, neglect, or abuse:Or even the occurrence of a small child suffering maternal/ paternal separation anxiety, abandonment issues, insecurities, and social inadequacies triggered by the premature, unnecessary and unlawful removal of children from their safe and loving homes.

It is quite refreshing, however, to see the alliance that we showed one-another at a time of need.  In particular the dedication towards a cause.  It’s times like these that hope gets reignited and it seems a lot more realistic that we will be able make a difference and move forward  towards our common goal for Justice and Accountability, where appropriate.


With acts of humanity such as those displayed earlier, it does not appear as unrealistic to forecast a future by which policies and  procedures can be followed, Human Rights will not be violated and children will not suffer the abuse of unnecessarily taken from safe, loving homes to meet target platforms or to  smooth over Special Measures sanctioned for failing bench-mark standards. (Please do not mistake that example as an attack as, I am merely illustrating a situation which occurs )
* NO!!!  Children should not suffer at the hand’s of their carer’s, be it a relative or  a nominated guardian.
* NO!!!  There should not be any deaths of children of any age – regardless of whether or not the Authorities are aware of the situation.
It is all to easy to sit back on the sidelines and complain about how we have a terminal problem within Social Services and society as a whole, but that does not help the situation – And it definitely does not help the children!
WE NEED TO ADDRESS THE PROBLEMS INDIVIDUALLY AND TACKLE THEM WITH SOLUTIONS instead of complaining how bad things are and how much worse they are getting.



Given this, I would like to revisit a Post that was submitted on a Facebook group…in reference to  taking a stand and making a change for the better – UNITED AS ONE



Ultimately we, as a society, have to also unite with the Local Authority and WORK TOGETHER for the sake of the children.
The only way possible would be for total transparency, with no lies, deceit, or hidden agenda. Complete compliance on both parts, adherence to directions and court orders, and the ability to change/ regroup from our initial plan when circumstances permit.
Many speculate how “independent” the individuals can be without speculating a “conspiracy theory” – and some have rightfully concluded such events. Unfortunately, one bad seed can tarnish other’s and the one of the only ways to syphon out the “rogue” workers to CLEAN HOUSE from the ground up.
Another “pipe dream” would be to change the way Family Court operates – so it is the same as the Criminal Division.
I know it is easy to think that hell will freeze over before any of that could possibly happen – and given the experiences some of you had, I totally understand. Nothing will happen overnight, but not everyone is against you and believing that is the first step.
If you have a job to do – be it as a Parent, guardian or government employee; there’s only one way to do it – THE RIGHT WAY!
On that note, from what I observed this morning, I can, without hesitation, say we all showed the dedication necessary to move forth towards Justice for Families and Children alike –
in making changes:
…For the better…



…For our children,…



…Because, of course,








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